Do not shove the photos from your memorable event into some crappy shelve in a corner. Rather than allowing them to catch dust, invest in butterfly in a shadow box. The new frames feature a dramatic style that even a 3D photo won’t dare bat its eyelids.

They come with fine shelves that accommodate sizeable 3D photos and stack them together to create a mind-blowing theme. Even better, you can find custom boxes that infuse a sense of glamour into your photo arrangement. Some take the form of wedding or graduation shadow boxes. But it doesn’t stop here; you can tweak the piece to suit your needs.

And if you are the type of personality who finds comfort in quirky bits, the flower-themed boxes can serve your needs. More so, the numerous species of flowers inspire a wide range of variations so you can run with a detail that matches your lifestyle.

There are numerous themes to choose from that include camouflaging pieces. And you can still take advantage of the 3D units to create a sense of curiosity in your home. The vast amount of unique shapes offers you a great platform to whip up an insane collection featuring an exotic setup for your interior.

Artistic artifacts overhaul a home by supplying vintage themes that elevate a room’s elegance. But you can put together a winning design if your aspiration stems from the following key points.

Pairing classy frames with authentic images tell a powerful story

A room with exotic arrangements will leave a visitor guessing for the better part of the day. Intelligent ones can point to the storyline pretty quickly. And it is a perfect way to excite your fans by choosing a theme that tells a story of a legend or even an athlete. That way, your quests won’t have to stare at a blank wall when the TV screen fails to capture their attention.

A perfect storyline can feature a life of a footballer, for instance. A thoughtful picture arrangement can spark the golden memories of a cherished personality. And the viewer will end up throwing words like, what a world without Maradona. It is a timid place, and we wish to have a player who will show up no matter how fearful the playing field might look.

The other irresistible angle can be a theme laced with relaxation. Nothing works wonders like Pictures that throw your mind into the world of nature. Exotic plants coupled with nature trails combine to create a near-natural atmosphere with a touch of soothing feelings.

Box frames are versatile

Unlike traditional frames, butterfly box frames offer more than an aesthetic function. You can use them to store valuable antiques and other tiny gadgets. That way, you can retrieve them with ease when the need arises.

And when you want to gift a friend a unique item, think no further than a box frame. It sends a feeling of deep appreciation as the recipient will form a thought like the sender values their memories.

Nothing beats the value of ownership. Box frames reward you with a personalized creation because it has a slot where you can embed your name. It is a unique feature that traditional frames luck.


Butterfly box frames are worth your attention because they have come to simplify your life. The ready-to-use pieces offer a great way to document life-changing events in your life. Whether it is a baby shower, a wedding, or a graduation party, you can use the box frames to create a crazy theme in your living room. And the most exciting part is that you can tweak them to go with your needs.


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