Roll-up door latches are as durable as Roll-up doors! Built to perfection, the roll up door lock ensures maximum safety and efficacy. These are must-haves in warehouse settings. Running a facility looks forward to many prerequisites, one of which is protection. The door latches are the perfect match for protection in such places. Find comfort, ease, durability, and finesse combined in the latches by Bestar door.

This article highlights the brilliant features of stainless-steel door latches for roll up doors and some of its applications. So, let’s get started.

Features of Roll-Up Door Latch


The roll-up door latch by Bestardoor is made of stainless steel to render t strength, and protection against the U.V. effects are salt water moisture. Stainless steel helps it resist corrosion and rusting. When building a business facility, all the right accessories are necessary to gather. A roll up door makes the primary part of that safety and security system, but these are the latches that actually gear up and later seal the safety system of your enterprise.


The roll up stainless steel door latch operates by sliding. It locks or unlocks the door when it’s slid in or out. Sliding also promotes easy management. You just don’t need to put in the keys. The latches are better operated by sliding only.


The stainless steel body and hardened steel shackle build a heavy-duty latch. Strong components guarantee enough strength and resilience.


This door lock latch has fasteners and four bolts to ensure maximum attachment. To attach the latch to the corrugated mini warehouse roll up door, fasteners and bolts of good quality are mandatory.


The brass chrome cylinder ensures added security. Brass chrome is a sturdy material to render added strength to the latch. Added strength is necessary because it has to support the primary security of the roll up gate.


The Roll-up door stainless steel door latch is 2-3/4 inch wide. These are technically designed with particular specifications. The width is good enough to let the latch hold nicely to the corrugated roll up door.


Mini warehouses are protected with roll up doors usually. These doors are available in different types and designs. These latches are compatible with doors like Asta, Betco, D.B.C.I., Provence, Janus, and U.S. doors.


The stainless steel door latches are ideal for garages, warehouses, storage units, and garages. Since these are sturdy and robust, they suit placements like warehouses, etc.


Roll-up doors have latches as sturdy and robust as the doors. To protect your storage units, warehouses, and garages, one of the best alternatives that go side by side is a stainless steel door latch. The stainless steel door latch excels because of its impeccable feature and easy operation.

It has a huge application in storage units, warehouses, and garages.

If a business facility update is on your list, and you are looking out for suitable accessories, don’t miss out on Bestarwood cylinder door latches. These are sure to go a long way.


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