A scissor lift is a working platform that can move upward to elevate the workers or laborers, including the materials and equipment to perform the duty. These lifts don’t have rotational ability. These are used for upward aerial applications in industries or construction sites majorly. Electric scissor lifts use the mechanism of folding supports attached to the lift in the criss-cross pattern, also known as the X pattern. These lifts can be truck or trailer-mounted, or self-propelled. Some models come with the options of stabilizers and outriggers. Let’s discuss some of the trending types of scissor lifts.

Kinds of scissor lifts

  • Pneumatic scissor lift
  • Rough terrain scissor lift
  • Electric scissor lift
  • Diesel scissor lift
  • Hydraulic scissor lift

Pneumatic scissor lift

These lifts use the air to work. The good thing is that pneumatic scissor lifts are maintenance-free and relatively cleaner than other lifts. For a clean environment, these lifts are ideal as this produce lower levels of carbon footprints because of using air instead of electricity.

Rough terrain scissor lift

These lifts are used at such places where higher power usage is required. Moreover, rough terrain scissor lifts fit perfectly in harsh outdoor environments. These lifts generally use LPG, petrol, or diesel as a combustion fuel. The stability of these lifts is far greater than other scissor lifts.

Electric scissor lift

If you compare electric scissor lifts with rough terrain lifts, you would know that electric ones are more environmentally friendly. The reason is that these lifts use batteries instead of a combustion engine. One of the benefits of using an electric scissor lift is that it produces less noise; that’s why you can use it indoors without noise pollution. Other advantages are its compact size and lower weight.

Diesel scissor lift

This scissor lift is certainly not environmentally friendly as it emits dirty fumes, which can be hazardous for the surroundings. But if you plan to use the lift for outdoor applications, you can consider it. But keep in mind that the noise and exhaust fumes will be more. That’s why most diesel scissor lifts are recommended to be used outside or in well-ventilated indoor areas.

Hydraulic scissor lift

A hydraulic scissor lift is one of the best lifts because it can be used outside and inside. These lifts can be powered either by compressed air or an electric motor. These lifts use hydraulic cylinders for their functioning. Upon expansion or compression, the hydraulic liquid or compressed air lifts the platform upward or downwards. These lifts are most widely used in construction areas, utilities, stores, and warehouse operations.


All in all, scissor lifts are an excellent alternative to lifting objects manually. Buying a scissor lift can save your time and workforce. The workers will no longer have to face injuries to the back, and safety will be adequate. Now you have to decide what scissor lift fits your industry best. Go to a trustworthy website online to get more information before buying it.


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