It seems like a dangerous idea to use electricity and water together, but it is safe if precautions are followed. There are mixed reviews about using a cord with a pressure washer.

Some people say that it can decrease the washer’s life span or potentially harm the operator—some favor using it, especially if you have to clean the area that’s far away from you.

Cons of using a Cord

If the cord is way too long and light in weight, it can pose serious risks for the operator. The risk of electrocution might increase. Therefore guidelines should be followed properly. The most important is to have a strong outer coating on the wire. If it’s not present, then the cord will not be safe.

When to use an extension cord with a Pressure Washer

Sometimes when we are cleaning, the area is far from the pressure washer. Opt for an extension that has an outer covering that is very thick. Thus it becomes the ideal choice for outdoor cleaning. The cord needs to be in an area where there is no water.

Extension Cord Length

To decrease the risk of causing a problem for the machine, use a shorter cord. A shorter cord can transfer more power as compared to a longer one.

Extension Cord Gauge

The pressure washer gauge is very important because it determines the amount of power delivered. If the gauge is lower, the output is going to be better. If the gauge is high, the output will be low.

One should always go by the manufacturer’s recommendations. If the machine can have an extension cord, the manufacturers will provide you with all the power output, gauge, etc.

Safety steps to follow

  • The plug should be away from water
  • The plug needs to be at a specific distance from water. Even sprays can be dangerous, so better to keep them away. There is surely a very high risk of electrocution if the cord is in water or close to a water source.
  • Do not use adapter plug;
  • The adapter plug has a greater chance of inducing shock in an individual. Therefore its use is not recommended.
  • Upgrade your outlet to include GFCI
  • This helps a lot in electric shock and grounds the current within seconds.
  • Wear rubber shoes while washing because if a shock happens, it can easily get diffused.

With a little care and the correct extension cord, there is absolutely no reason one cannot use the two things together. However, when you are doing so, you must always be very well aware of what is happening with your machine, the location of the power cord and the gauge, and the power output of the machine.

If you have ever wondered, “Can I use an extension cord with a pressure washer?” hopefully, we’ve answered that question for you. Using the right extension cord and some common sense, you should connect the two items. However, it would be best if you remain aware of what’s happening with your machine, where your power cord is, and who may be walking a little too close to either.


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